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Published on April 30th, 2007 | by Daniel David

New Warhawk info

Me loving online play I’ve been looking forward to Warhawk for some time now. had a chance to play the game and you can read their impressions of the game but they also had the chance to talk to Warhawk Game Director for Incognito Dylan Jobe and they of course talked about Warhawk. This is a very good read and I suggest you read it yourself but here are some highlights from the interview.

Right now Jobe doesn’t know if Warhawk is going to be released over the Playstation Network or on Blu-ray but he is excited about taking advantage of Sony’s distribution methods. He did say that they are looking toward a late summer/fall release. Despite early impressions of the game they planned on having ground combat from the start.

Concerning single-player, which they dropped, he says he doesn’t want to nickel and dime the consumers and he believes that if there’s a desire for its something they will consider but nothing like paying to have to unlock a certain feature. If people want more content they’ll get more content.

There will be 25 maps available when the game launches, 32 people online and supporting voice chat. Jobe they would like to make additional map packs if consumers want it. No map editor for the game, he said it would be very difficult to release a game editor. Game supports 4-way split screen and you can basically jump in and out of the game and the game will adjust on the fly.

Being to hard to summarize, Jobe talks about servers and how they will work, its quite amazing actually and I suggest you read it for yourself. There is a upgrade system for Warhawk with higher-levels you get the more you can customize your character.

They couldn’t say when we a demo would be released but Jobe says “We are firm believers in demos and betas and stuff like that. We firmly believe that we want to get feedback from our players and we want to give them the opportunity for them to play the game, because we’re really excited about how word of mouth can really help our title. I can’t say anything now, but definitely keep your eye out.”

I’m a bit more excited about this now and the fact that its multiplayer only means this game is not going to cost $60, I’m guessing $20-30. This looks to be a solid online game so if you have a PS3 be on the lookout for this one.

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