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Published on April 27th, 2007 | by Daniel David

Halo 2 & 3 info weekly update contains some good news this week. They address the problem people had in trying to download Halo 2 “Blastacular” maps this week. They have delayed matchmaking update until it is fixed. They also fixed the glitch in the billing system that allowed people to download the “Blastacular” for free. People who try to download it for free now will be locked out, forever never downloading the map.

Bungie talks about Halo 3 beta and the game itself. Halo 3 is still a 16-player and they say the reality is that most people prefer games smaller than that. The Saved Film feature is coming to Halo 3 and the one you use in the beta is very limited. Split-screen also in the public beta but it just supports two people right now. For people with HD displays, Bungie fixed the split-screen so that you get a nice, playable aspect ratio.

Their rumor buster section debunks a couple of rumors and the one I’ll mention here is about Microsoft forcing Bungie to make Halo 3 at 60fps. The truth is that Halo 3 will display at 1080p via the Xbox 360 Elite with its scaler and HDMI port, not natively.

There is more to read at their site and its just to long to put it all here so click the link at the top for the whole shabangabang. Your even treated to their new wallpaper titled “Emotion.”

This is all good news but I would like a bit more players online in Halo 3. 16 is good but I think something around 24 would be good number for Halo 3. Of course people are going to compare it to RFOM 40 player online but what can you say. As long as Halo 3 can live up to its high expectations thats what really matters. If it doesn’t your never going to hear the end of it.

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