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Published on April 23rd, 2007 | by Daniel David

Mass Effect release date rumors

Today CVG reported that an official Microsoft event confirmed that BioWare’s RPG Mass Effect has been confirmed for a September release after it was suspected to hit June/July.

Now, according to BioWare’s forum, no release date has been officially announced. Below is the statement taken completely from their forum:

“There have been an unusually high number of threads recently speculating about the release date for Mass Effect or what rating it will recieve from the ESRB.

Currently we also do not have an official release date for Mass Effect.

Currently we do not yet have a final ESRB rating for Mass Effect.

When we do have either an official release date or when we know what the ESRB rating for Mass Effect will be, we will make a formal announcement and there will likely be a thread or two discussing such announcements.

Instead of posting the same answer again and again, I am creating this thread and stick/locking it to the top of the forum. If I or any of the forum moderators see threads specualting on the release date, we’ll close them and link this thread.

Remember, until you hear about it officially on these forums or the main Mass Effect webpage, there is no release date. Everything is speculation. Stay tuned. ”

I don’t know how to take this but I get the feeling that its not coming out in the summer or September for that matter. I rather want a polished game then a rushed piece of crap but don’t make gamers wait too long now. I could be wrong but regarding the statement and since no insight of how soon we can expect this, this might not make a 2007 appearance. I’m just speculating and being a bit pessimistic but you how things go when you really want something to come out, it gets delayed, then delayed and whats that, delayed again.

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