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Published on April 20th, 2007 | by Daniel David

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD new sprite

Capcom recently announced that an HD version of Street Fighter II Turbo was on its way and the sprite at the far right in the picture above is the new sprite for Ryu for SFII Turbo HD.

In the picture, the first sprite on the far left is the original SFII Ryu sprite, next to it the sprite from Guilty Gear, the standard for current 2D fighters. Next to that is the Ryu sprite from SFIII which is the highest in the Street Fighter series so far. After that is an upscaled version of the original SFII sprite followed by the new, redrawn, HD Ryu sprite for SFII Turbo HD.

The new sprite is a work of beauty, the folks at Udon Entertainment are the ones responsible for this fantastic Ryu sprite. This is just a sample of whats to come, Udon will also be redrawing the backgrounds as well. I can’t wait for this now, this has officially got me excited for SFII Turbo HD.


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