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Published on April 17th, 2007 | by Daniel David

Shivering Isles only expansion planned

In in interview with, Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard has said that the Shivering Isles is the “the only expansion we have planned” and that “We have pretty much everybody on Fallout 3 right now.”

Howard said, “It started off kind of small and then we add people to it and now the expansion’s done, all those people have come on to Fallout 3. That’s the thing we want to focus on right now, so I think I’d be surprised if we do another expansion.”

This is not to say that Shivering Isles will be the last expansion for The Elder Scrolls IV but most likely its going to be a while for another expansion to hit. The game is long enough anyway so I’m sure there’s more then enough to hold you over for now.


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