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Published on April 17th, 2007 | by Daniel David

GameStop to offer 360 Elite trade-up

It has been confirmed that GameStop and EBGames will offer greater trade-in credit for your Xbox 360 and original Xbox. Premium system will get you $250, core $200, and the original Xbox $50.

The trade-in credit isn’t just for the Elite so you can use this towards anything to you want.

This is good and all but I’m thinking your going to have to trade-in your hard drives as well so all of your information most likely is going bye-bye. Is this worth sacrificing all your saves and information for, you are the judge of that. How many of you plan on getting an Elite? Does this seem like a good deal for you? If had I had Xbox 360 I would just stick with what I have.

Source: Kotaku

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