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Published on April 13th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia Demo on XBL

There are few things better than a good multiplayer co-op game. Luckily for us gamers, Monster Madness is coming to the market soon. Can’t wait? Download the demo from Xbox Live!

  • Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia Demo: Free, Available to Gold members in all XBL regions
    Dash Details: Experience frantic cooperative game play in Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia, an UnrealEngine3 powered top-down shooter. Four players can team up on one Xbox 360 to slash, shoot, and drive through a menagerie of monsters in the campaign mode, or take battle onto Xbox Live for networked cooperative play. Coming in Spring 2007.
    Size: 434.6 MB Approx.

So not only is the demo on Xbox Live right now, the game should be releasing next month so give the demo a spin!

Demo: Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia [via Major Nelson]

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