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Published on April 5th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Warhawk to release on Blu-Ray and PS Network

Confused as to how you’ll be getting your Warhawk fix when it releases? Don’t worry – so is the rest of the ‘net. Luckily enough, SCEA was kind enough to clarify the situation.

1UP recently contacted Sony Computer Entertainment America for clarification, who said Warhawk will be available on Blu-ray and through the PlayStation Network. Whether there will be differences in price or content (i.e. the downloadable version being more stripped down, with more option to purchase new content) between the two has not been announced.

Could Sony be preparing to offer an a la carte menu for Warhawk? The downloadable version could include all the basics — i.e. weapons, vehicles — needed to participate in a given multiplayer match, but provide the full range of maps as, well, microtransactions. The initial slate of maps would be included on the Blu-ray disc, while online-centric gamers can pick and choose which ones to purchase.

There’s a valid point in there: Would Sony release a store-bought version with all the ‘fixins, and a downloadable version with less content, but cheaper and upgradable to the original? Would they release them both at the same price points and the same content?

No one can be sure, but Warhawk will be available in multiple platforms, and that can’t hurt!

Warhawk Will Be on Blu-ray and PS Network [via 1UP]

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