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Published on April 5th, 2007 | by Daniel David

The days of consoles coming to an end

Hewlett-Packard (HP) are planning to enter the PC gaming world and they are coming in with some bold words to pretty much aimed at game consoles. “I believe the days of the console are numbered,” said Trion World Network founder Lars Butler. “There is one more generation of gaming consoles and that is it,” he claimed.

He wasn’t the only one to speak about the future of console gaming. NVIDIA vice president Roy Taylor said, “Our advantage as developers is we know what is coming and what is coming is far ahead of the console. You will see a huge difference between what you can get on a PC and a console.”

The problem that I always had with PC gaming is that for the most part you need to pay pretty much top dollar to really get the best from what the game has to offer. Most people are not going to pour all that money needed for PC games as to where game consoles the games look and get better as time progresses but you don’t need to worry about your console becoming outdated to play the games you want.

PC games are great but game consoles are easier to get into. Gaming consoles will never disappear in my opinion seeing that game consoles are slowly turning into PC’s somewhat now. I am looking forward to what HP are going to bring to PC gaming but with the rise of popularity of game consoles, they need something extraordinary to stop game consoles from increasing.


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