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Published on April 4th, 2007 | by Daniel David

Final Fantasy XIII demo coming soon?

Square-Enix may give us something to wet out whistle for the time being. Reported by, in a issue of EGM (don’t exactly know the issue but assuming it may be May since the April edition been on sale for a while now) it was confirmed that a Final Fantasy XIII demo would be heading to Playstation Store.

It was reported earlier also by that in an issue of Dengeki, Square-Enix would release a demo this year and that they wanted the demo to be finished by E3 this year. They didn’t say if it was just for E3 but if EGM is right then probably around July or sometime after we could see FFXIII on the Playstation Store.

If this true then expect a demo in the near feature. I’m hoping its true since I’ve beaten FFXII and can’t wait to tackle FFXIII and FF Versus XIII.

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