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Published on March 30th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Sony working on 80GB PS3?

It sure looks like they are! If the announcement is to be believed, they’re working on a larger HD model PS3 and changing something about the Bluetooth module…

On March 2, Sony filed an FCC “Class II Permissive Change” request regarding the PS3s Bluetooth module. The documentation mentions the addition of an 80GB PS3 model, complete with model number.

An 80GB hard drive would be a relatively modest step up in storage space from the current top-end PS3’s 60GB hard drive.

If it weren’t for Sony downplaying the new model (and large companies’ reputations of being bad at keeping secrets anyways) I’d be wondering why they’re working on an even higher PS3 model, because you can already swap out the hard drive with a laptop drive. Also, for those that aren’t aware, there’s directions on replacing your hard drive in the PS3 user manual.

So why, again, might they be working on a higher model PS3? The world may never know… Until it hits the market.

Sony Downplays 80GB PS3 Reports [via Next Generation]]

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