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Published on March 30th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

New Halo 2 Maps Revealed

Times like these remind me of why I like Bungie so much as a developer. While it’s WAY late considering the original release of Halo 2, the fact that they remade the best Halo maps is good enough for me!

The two maps will bring new life to ancient battlefields and legendary skirmishes, as both are new, improved and redesigned remakes of fan favorites from the original “Halo: Combat Evolved.” For the price of $4 for the pair, these maps bring a fresh burst of action to the seminal “Halo 2” online multiplayer experience. Both of the maps will be available through the “Halo 2” in-game content downloader for both Xbox and Xbox 360.

The king of “Halo” maps has returned at last. Hang ’Em High, arguably the most popular multiplayer map for the original title, has been reimagined for “Halo 2” as Tombstone, with all-new graphics, features and a few hidden surprises. Now fans will enjoy the dangerous catwalks and trenches that made this the most requested “Halo” multiplayer map ever, with a modernized “Halo 2” flavor.

The second map, Desolation, is a symmetrical, Deathmatch-oriented map and a beautiful remake of the original Derelict. With new graphics and effects and a massive gameplay overhaul, the old favorite is now faster-paced and more balanced than ever — perfect for intense “Halo 2” combat.

Mmmmm… Updated Hang ‘Em High…

Chances are that I’ll be getting these maps – even though I haven’t played Halo 2 regularly in a LONG time. Why? Because they went with regular cash instead of MS Points! For at least one download, I don’t have to calculate how much actual money I’ll be spending!

Bungie – you ROCK!

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