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Published on March 26th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Xbox 360 Elite Systems Spotted in the Wild

While running from the rumors is possible for some, photo proof isn’t that easy to run from. Elsewhere on the interweb, someone’s nabbed picture-proof of the wily “Elite 360″…

Xbox 360 Elite systems have been caught in the wild on a Chinese production line. Xbox 360 Fanboy has images of racks of black Xbox 360 units taken from a Chinese video game forum.

The images not only show the sleek, black exterior of the Xbox 360 Elite, but a close-up image shows the 120GB hard disk drive (HDD) fitted atop the console.

Well, if you needed any more proof, that was it! Another version of the Xbox 360 will hit the marketplace soon, and I’m a bit crossed as to my opinion about it. Another paragraph in the story covered some of the pros and cons of this move:

While the new black exterior and 120GB HDD may be headliner features of the $479 USD Xbox 360 Elite, the addition of an HDMI port and an HDMI cable are also added bonuses. Two features that are reportedly missing from the Xbox 360 Elite, however, are built-in WiFi and an internal HD DVD drive.

Elite 360 120GB HDD

That last sentence is a good part of my crossed opinion of the Elite 360. At a price of $479, the system is only $30 (not counting tax) cheaper than the competing PS3’s price. While this normally wouldn’t be a problem because the lower model PS3 doesn’t have WiFi, the PS3 has the added benefit of a Blu-Ray player while the Elite 360 doesn’t have an HD-DVD drive.

Another, if not slight, bother about the Elite 360 is the fact that a lot of people delay picking up a PS3 over the 360 based on cost factor alone. Their argument is that they don’t believe gaming should cost $500 and up, so they’ll get the cheaper system because they’ll be playing most of the same games anyway. This Elite 360 effectively bridges the price gap between the cheaper 360 and the PS3 – making a tough sell for potential buyers.

Regardless of how it plays out, expect to see newer, upgraded 360s on the marketplace within a couple months.

DailyTech – Report: Xbox 360 Elite Systems Spied on Chinese Production Line

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