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Published on March 22nd, 2007 | by Daniel David

PS3 firmware updated to 1.60

Available today was latest firmware to upgrade your PS3 with a couple of extra abilities. This is a good update with some nice new features.

The ability to zoom in when on the internet is a big plus. I have an high-def T.V and I can tell you most of time the words are too small to see. Now you can also adjust the resolution of your browser to match your video output and a setting to reduce screen flicker has been added. Last on the internet front you now have access to a on-screen keyboard layout compared to the cell phone style that was their before. Autotext option is there for both formats.

You can now download stuff in the background from the playstation store. You can queue up to six downloads and while it is downloading you can watch movies on your hard drive, music, look at photos, and play PS3 games. It will not work for PS2 games so there is no God of War II while downloading stuff. It also doesn’t work when playing Blu-Ray or DVD’s, voice or video chat, the Folding@home feature which I will talk about later, performing a system update, changing settings item under settings and when network features of online games. You can see your progress of downloads under the download management icon under the Network icon but if your playing a PS3 game you have to quit the game first so that kinda sucks. You are notified when the download completes.

Folding@home is a project run by Stanford University that is researching protein folding mechanisms and they hope this research will lead to medical treatments from related diseases. The download is only 50mb so run in your spare time to help to their research. Leaving your PS3 on for a while will not explode your console so rest your minds.

Remote play basically has been added for 20 GB models of the PS3 with the PSP.

Other things include WMA playback support and a option for disc auto-start being turned on and off (which is good because I was tired of my PS3 always starting games and stuff when you turn it on). Support for wireless keyboards and mice, playback of DSD (Direct Stream Digital), Motion JPEG and AVCHD (.m2ts) and a start new chat feature under the Friends icon has been added.

Since I own a PS3 I noticed another couple of small things. Like under your Games, games you have or demos that usually had animated icons when you rollover them are already playing. When you do rollover them the music starts wherever it was with icon so if you leave and come back the music is still playing, it doesn’t start from the beginning. Also when playing games, instead of holding down the Home button to quit a game or whatever your about to do, just hitting the button brings up that menu and. Even the amount of time you need to hold down the Home button is a bit faster now too.

If you want more information about the update visit but I pretty much covered all the important stuff.

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