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Published on March 22nd, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

New Line aims to release Gears of War movie in 2009

If you like the idea of a Gears of War movie, you’ll be happy to learn that New Line Cinema has acquired the rights to the movie and is planning on a summer 2009 release.

No big deal, right? Well, it’s predicted that the movie will launch along with the Gears sequel…

Since the announcement, GameSpot has confirmed the report with Epic Games vice president Mark Rein and more details have surfaced. New Line is targeting a summer 2009 release for the game, and Variety predicts that a Gears of War sequel will be timed with the release of the movie.

The trade magazine claims Epic has crafted “an extensive backstory in hopes of utilizing it for a film as well as potential novels,” despite criticism of the guarded storyline of the first game.

“We wanted to make an entertainment property thats not just for games but for other media,” Rein told Variety.

That’s either awesome or possibly awesome, depending on which part you’re looking at. Awesome because the prediction leads to the Gears sequel hitting in summer ’09, but only possibly awesome because the ratio of good video game based movies is very small.

If there’s to be a Gears of War sequel though, the chances of it being released in the summer are a bit small. At over 3 million copies sold as of January, it’s now one of the major Xbox 360 titles. Major titles are shipped in the Christmas / Holiday season to ensure the most sales.

So if New Line knows what it’s doing, it’ll aim for a Halloween ’09 release date. Their chances of getting the best publicity lie there.

New Line grabs Gears of War movie rights [via Yahoo Video Games]

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