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Published on March 16th, 2007 | by Daniel David

Ninja Gaiden Sigma

In the latest issue of PSM (Independent Playstation Magazine) they had to chance to talk to the director of Ninja Gaiden Sigma Yosuke Hayashi about the game and what we can expect from Sigma.

For starters Sigma will have all the content from Ninja Gaiden Black which was released on the Xbox but also with much more original content. The whole game has been recreated from the ground up. Everything from the backgrounds, enemies, animations, and textures has been recreated to take advantage of the power from the PS3.

Hayabusa has more unique animations, which PSM stated are simply kick-ass. Rachel, who is also playable this time, has her own move set. Nothing is copied from Hayabusa making Rachel unique in her playing style.

Probably don’t have to say this but their will be new enemies, weapons, and Gamovn, the guy with the trench coat and glasses will also be a boss this time around.

Sigma will be 19 chapters long, 3 more than Black. When playing has Rachel you get see her perspective of the story. Rachel also has Mission mode levels created for her. Difficulty, which has been a staple of Ninja Gaiden will be kinda of the same but there is a difficulty so people who never played the game before can jump into it a little better and a new higher difficulty that’s never been seen before for long time fans.

Sigma will support SIXAXIS controls. Shaking the controller while you cast your Ninpo magic will power up your magic making it more devastating.

What I really liked is that they are allowing you play the game in 3 different ways. You can play game of the disk, partial install for people who want to play right way and a full install for people who like to play for hours and won’t have to deal with loading times and stuff.

Sigma will run at 60fps with full self-shadowing at 720p. They are still discussing things with Sony regarding online materials but the Karma ranking will be back in effect for Sigma.

I encourage you to pick up the April edition of PSM which this interview is from. You can tell which issue it is because it has Hayabusa on the front. It is a really good read, director Yosuke Hayashi had a lot of things to say. From his point on if 1080p really matters to their thoughts about releasing Sigma on the PS3 which doesn’t have a high install base right. I for one can’t wait for Sigma to drop and from the way it looks right now this game is going to be hot.

PSM (site under construction)

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