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Published on March 8th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Sony shows off Killzone – Behind closed doors

After the “less than stellar” showing of Killzone a couple E3’s past, it hasn’t been shown off again. Until now.

Both 1UP and Kotaku got to see the actual Killzone in action, but both had slightly different write-ups.

1UP’s Killzone coverage was fairly basic, stating that it was showed off and was less than stellar:

It wasnt called Killzone 2, it was just called Killzone and the video footage appeared to be artifacted somehow. It wasnt the clear, crisp HD footage Harrisons presentation had been populated with — it was almost like an afterthought. It didnt look as good as the fake-footage we saw at E3 2005, but it didnt look bad, either. It was just a half-hearted show of particle effects, bullets ripping through warehouses, tearing apart kitchens and showcasing the rag doll physics in the Killzone engine. If the footage ever surfaces, itll likely be treated as an engine demonstration, but the first-person perspective, gunplay and action clearly show gameplay in some state.

Kotaku’s Killzone coverage, on the other hand, had a bit more ‘gamer’ in it:

So how did it look? I tried hard to heed Harrisons warning about the clip, but I couldnt help but focus on the game itself.

Visually it was certainly less impressive than the infamous E3 2005 pre-rendered target trailer, thats for sure. Animation quality varied, looking awkward at times. Moments smacked uncomfortably of Vivendis F.E.A.R. and will probably cause a bit of fanboy ruckus when its finally shown to the public this July at E3. Theres obviously a long way to go, but, in my opinion, Sony was very wise to have kept the game under wraps and not tarnish todays Home and LittleBigPlanet announcements.

And there you have it… Kotaku FTW! If you ever see DeejayKnight posting over there, say “Hi” cuz that’s me!

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