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Published on March 8th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Fable 2 to feature Love and Dogs

Fable 2 news has been trickling out over the past couple months, and consider GDC no exception. It turns out that two new aspects of the game have been released, thanks to an interview with Peter Molyneux.

Love and canines. While it might not sound like much, there’s a bit of awesome in there if you hear Mr. Molyneux explain it:

Love, Molyneux says, comes in three general flavors in the game. There is the appreciation the wide world feels toward your character as he lives and fights in their world. There is the ability to make love and make babies. Yes, you can be both a man or a woman and if you’re a woman, you can get pregnant. A first, he believes, for a main character in an RPG.

But the big thing, one of the biggest parts of Fable 2, will be the introduction of a dog to the game. Not just any dog, but your dog. The dog will be faithful to you and will have a deeply nuanced artificial intelligence so you won’t actually control your dog at all. Instead your dog will act as a sort of living HUD. The game has no map, no other user interface on screen. Instead you will have to rely on the dog and what he sees and does.

You also will control the dog by your own actions. A great example. You come upon two bad guys and pull our your gun (yes, the game has guns) and the dogs knows automatically attack the closer targets.

Both the child-bearing and canine portions sound pretty awesome – and I want to love this game, but a part of me wants to ignore the news for this game and figure out how good of a game it is by playing through it.

As much as I loved the original, a lot of the functionality that was touted for the game wasn’t in the final product. There were a lot of features that got a lot of face time, but never made their way into the final product. The end result was that gamers were let down, and that’s why the Fable 2 feature announcements are taken with a grain of salt.

Gamers are expecting more of the same, rather than features that are fully implemented – like the dog. Word has it that the functionality and AI of the dog are already coded into the game and are going to be in the final product, and this is exactly how they should approach the rest of the features. Until they’re either finalized or close to finalization, hold off on the announcements.

Either way, since the first was a great game, this one is destined to be at least as good as the first with next-gen features added on. It’s a must-have in my book, but that doesn’t stop the slight weariness that Mr. Molyneux might spill too many beans again…

Hopefully, they “bring the love back” in droves when the game is further along in the development process and showcase finalized additions to the game. I know I’d be a bit more intrigued.
Fable 2’s Big Thing: A Pet Dog (Update) [via Kotaku]

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