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Published on March 8th, 2007 | by Daniel David

Chris Hecker calls Wii a piece of s**t

Wow Chris Hecker, a developer currently working on Spore at Maxis, basically takes time to bash the Wii at a session called “Burning Mad – Game Publishers Rant.”

“The Wii is a piece of s***!” Hecker began his talk, which was called “Fear of a Wii Planet.” He blasted a few bars of Public Enemy to set the tone. Hecker said the Wii is nothing more than two GameCubes stuck together with duct tape, and that the console isn’t powerful enough to provide the next-gen experience he has been waiting for.

Although he stated the system is “severely underpowered,” Hecker noted that he wasn’t simply referring to the Wii’s graphical capabilities. He wants to spend a console’s CPU making games more intelligent, and he has found the Wii doesn’t have the power to process things like complicated AI.

Hecker also took Nintendo to task for not taking games seriously enough. “It’s not clear to me that Nintendo gives a s*** about games as an art form,” he said.

Let me say first that I was laughing the whole time I read that article. I understand the Wii is graphically and CPU wise not as powerful as a Xbox 360 or a PS3 but to bash this system like that was not called for. He does have a point but no need for all that bashing. But I wonder if any other developers feel the same way he does and if they do what could be the future for Nintendo’s Wii.

Source: IGN

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