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Published on March 7th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Elder Scrolls: Shivering Isles gets priced

Elder Scrolls: Shivering Isles is looking awesome, and it’s going to be the expansion pack to one of the best first-person RPGs ever made – but while the cost is cheaper than the original, it just might surprise you.

An interview was held with Bruce Nesmith, Design Director of Shivering Isles, and of the questions asked, this one piqued interest:

What can you tell us about the release of Shivering Isle? When? How much? Will International (non-English speaking) fans have to wait? Will it have a paper map or other gimmicks?

Release date is March 27th, everywhere, PC and Xbox Live. The price is $30, or 2400 Microsoft points.

While a lot of gamers will be surprised and set back with this, considering the amount of gameplay introduced via this expansion it’s not a bad price. It involves an estimated 30-40 hours of gameplay. That’s a lot more game time than a good portion of the single-player games on the market, and all for half the price of a single game.

You can also download this expansion over Xbox Live, but personally, if I’m spending $30 I’d lean towards the tangible product first.

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