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Published on March 5th, 2007 | by Daniel David

Nintendo denying Mii support for third party games

Hate to bring on more bad news about the Wii but from an interview with EA producer with, Nintendo has not released any tools for third party support.

This is from the article, “According to EA producer Eric Chartrand, Nintendo hasn’t released the necessary tools to put Miis into third-party games yet. If the company wants Miis to become a lasting sticky application, it’d be wise to acclimatize third-party developers sooner rather than later. Regardless, Miis have the potential to usher in true user-generated game characters on consoles.”

Mii’s have a potential to become big but if Nintendo is denying that support then I guess their plans for it are not that big. The Mii’s would be perfect for EA’s Wii Sims but it looks like that’s not going to happend.


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