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Published on February 28th, 2007 | by Daniel David

Online gaming in Japan

I ran across this little article here and I that it was interesting to see how online gaming is facing up in Japan. ITmedia conducted this poll I believe.


Do you use the networking feature of your console?
– Yes: 89.4%
– No: 10.6%

On which platform are you using the network feature?
– 21.6%: DS
– 19.7%: Wii
– 18.1%: PSP
– 13.4%: PS2
– 13.4%: PS3
– 11.8%: Xbox 360
– 2%: other

Which service are you using the most?
– 22.2%: Online Gaming
– 16.4%: Demos
– 15%: Bonuses for games
– 15%: Game news
– 14.9%: No gaming related content
– 12.4%: Internet
– 4%: Mail


Are you involved in networking services?
– No: 60.7%
– Yes: 39.3%

What kind of services are you involved into?
– 43.5%: Online Gaming
– 30.5%: Bonus data
– 13%: Game news
– 13%: Demos

On which platform are you involved?
– 39%.1%: Xbox 360
– 17.4%: DS
– 17.4%: PS2
– 13%: PSP
– 8.7%: PS3
– 4.4%: Wii

Interesting numbers. The lack of online support for the Wii is pretty bad. The PS3 needs more support to but both consoles are new and their online structure should improve as the year goes on then I’m sure developers will make more use of it.

Source: www.next-gen.biz

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