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Published on February 20th, 2007 | by Daniel David

Next-gen Tetris on the way

THQ announced today that a Xbox 360 version of Tetris is on the way, called Tetris: Evolution. Not only will there be 4-player multiplayer but also you will be able to compete against people on Xbox Live.

New modes to the series will be Go Low” and “Eraser” for both single and multiplayer. Matchmaking will ensure that players are playing against people of similar skill level as well as the online ladder system, which will enable players to track their overall skill level and accumulate Xbox Live achievement points to increase their Gamerscore.

It will of course utilize all of the Xbox 360 hi-def capabilities using graphics that will make the Tetriminos appear to pop off the screen and more than a dozen high-definition background videos. The game will also feature customizable themes, skins, icons and soundtracks to create a personalized gaming experience.

Tetris never get olds and this is shaping up to be another decent entry into the series. No word on when this will be released so keep an eye out for it.


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