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Published on February 17th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Want answers? Bungie's got 'em: Halo 3 Beta Q&A

Bungie’s sick of your crazy questions about the Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta…

So they decided to answer a ton of them:

How many players are going to be in the beta?

A lot, many thousands. Let’s just say, you won’t have trouble finding a match.

How many maps, gametypes, playlists, etc. are we going to see in the beta?

Just enough to get the testing data we need while providing a fun game experience yet still leave everyone wanting more. The exact scope is still being finalized.

Will the party system be implemented in the beta?

Yes, you will be able to find your friends, join their party and enter matchmaking with them, in playlists which support parties.

Will we be seeing anything that we have not yet seen from the Alpha screenshots (and leaks) in the beta?

There are bound to be a few surprises in store for fans. And seeing a fuzzy cell phone video of the alpha doesn’t even begin to come close to actually playing yourself on an HD television with maps that are several months further along in development.

And let’s not forget the one that’s on just about everyone’s mind that hasn’t already recieved an invite to join the beta:

How will the Crackdown invite work?

Once the Halo 3 beta has been activated (start date is still TBD) you simply go to the Downloads menu in Crackdown to download the Halo 3 beta. After that, you will need to launch the Halo 3 beta from within Crackdown. You will need an Xbox 360 with a hard drive and an Xbox Live Gold account.

Plenty more questions have been answered in the official Q&A over at’s Halo 3 Beta Q&A if you need more info.

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