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Published on February 16th, 2007 | by Daniel David

PS3 pre-orders selling like hotcakes

It seems the European market is ready and can’t wait to get their hands on the PS3. According to PS3 online retailers are reporting overwhelming demand for the console in record breaking numbers.

Online retailer is experiencing ground breaking numbers, stating that the PS3 has achieved six times the amount of pre-orders received by the Xbox 360 and fifteen times that of Nintendo’s Wii. These figures make the PS3 “the most pre-ordered console yet” for the retailer, according to Gian Luzio,’s head of games. Luzio also commented that the PS3’s Blu-ray player is a major factor to their pre-order sales. As it stands right now figures from the US show that Blu-ray movie sales are outselling HD-DVD by a factor of 2:1 since the launch of PS3 and I’m sure those numbers will raise once the PS3 launches in Europe. isn’t the only retailer reporting such overwhelming numbers. A Sony spokesman said that Woolworths, Amazon and Play, to name a few, are reporting record breaking pre-orders and an overwhelming demand for PS3.

This is nothing but good news for Sony. Europeans seem pretty eager to get their hands on the PS3 since their launch will have about 30 games ready at launch. It seems price isn’t a factor because when you think about it the PS3 costs the same as a Xbox 360 if you were to add their HD-DVD add-on which is about $200. Europe is ready and willing and for Sony’s PS3 it looks pretty good for them right now.

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