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Published on February 14th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Rainbow Six: Vegas to get DLC Pack

If you’ve been waiting for new maps for Rainbow Six: Vegas, you’re in luck. Ubi Soft announced a pack of content for the Xbox 360, soon to be released on Xbox Live.

Three Brand-New MP Adversarial Maps: Three brand-new MP maps are included for a brand-new Vegas multiplayer experience.

  • Doscala Restaurant – This well-known Italian restaurant is located in the heart of Las Vegas, near the famous Fremont Street.
  • Marshalling Yard – This century-old service yard is situated in the center of an industrial district. Still active today, it is primarily used to store cars, but is also equipped with cleaning and maintenance facilities.
  • Roof – A coffee factory has been overrun in the continuing gang violence that is wreaking havoc in this Mexican border town. The strategic positioning of the factory makes it highly desirable to control, and therefore a focal point of the violence.

Two Revisited, Relit MP Adversarial Maps: Two favorite Rainbow Six Vegas MP maps are revisited and relit for a new gameplay experience.

  • Border Town – Redux
  • Killhouse – Redux

Two New Modes: Two all-new game modes that can be played in the 10 original maps and the five new maps add to Vegas long list of available game types.

  • Assassination mode – The goal of the Attackers is to eliminate a high-value asset of the Defenders, who in turn will try to defend and escort the VIP to his extraction zone.
  • Total Conquest – This is a team-oriented, static control-point game mode where each map contains three Mobile Radar Installations control points. To win, a team must activate and maintain control of at least one of the three Mobile Radar Installations for a given period of time.

Rainbow Six Vegas Players Pack Revealed [via TeamXbox]

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