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Published on February 7th, 2007 | by Daniel David

Virtua Tennis 3 online only for the Xbox 360

Virtua Tennis was one of my favorite Dreamcast games and it makes me happy to see that Sega is bringing it to the next-generation of consoles. For Xbox 360 owners this games is really being catered to them. Not only is this going to be one of first games to output at 1080p but also your only going to be able to play online with Xbox Live. PS3 will not have an online version sad to say. Also the Xbox 360 version will have an online spectator mode to watch other players smash the ball across the court.

The PS3 gets controls specific to the SIXAXIS but no online play is a huge blow for Sony. I would easily give up SIXAXIS control for online play since many people will not always have friends handy to play games with and playing the computer can only take you so far. It seems stupid that Sega wouldn’t try to include some sort of online play for the PS3 but crying about it will do nothing.

Online or not, this is shaping up be a great game. Pray that somehow, maybe through the online store that the PS3 version will have an update for online play but as it stands right now the Xbox 360 version is going to be the one to get simply for its online play. However the SIXAXIS is implented is fine and I’ll probably buy this for my PS3 anyways simply because its Virtua Tennis but if I had a Xbox 360 (which I should), I would get this for Xbox 360 if I had the chance. Either way, this is gonna run you at least $60 so buy it for whatever system you have.


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