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Published on February 6th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Epic wants interplay for Xbox 360, PC in UT3

If ever there was something that console gamers get sick of hearing, it’s that keyboard and mouse are the ULTIMATE control scheme when it comes to FPS games. Lately, it seems that Microsoft is working to combat that idea with games like Shadowrun – that allow the combatting control schemes to play against one another. Here comes another contender, though.

Epic Games and Unreal Tournament 3…

We’re very interested to see how Shadowrun does it and if people will want that. As a consumer of games myself, with Battlestations: Midway I’ll violate my rule, because I really love Battlestations: Midway. There’s a great PC version and there’s a great 360 version, but I want to play with the biggest number of players. I want the biggest server pool. I don’t want to have to decide and artificially split my audience between the two. I’m going to go where the bigger audience is. With UT, I don’t want to have the PC players to play with just half of the UT players just because of the platform. There’s a real motivation to make it interchangeable with one big pool of servers out there that everybody can play in. If I can have a hundred servers with great ping to me by having all those servers shared, that’s really compelling to me. Oftentimes, you’ll see something like Battlefront 2, which is another game I love – there are much more players on Xbox, more servers, than there ever were on PC. As a player, I want to play better servers with more people.

You’d better believe that if this happens, it’ll be a monumental event in gaming history. It won’t be the first FPS to have this done – they’re waiting to see how Shadowrun fares – but you’d best believe that it would mark the first extremely high profile FPS to have this option.

It’ll also put the theory to the test as to which is the better control scheme.

Epic – if you’re reading – PLEASE make this happen! Not only would you put the control scheme battle to test, you’d also make an even LARGER market for Unreal Tournament 3. I’m already going to get it on the Xbox 360, but I’d probably end up getting both versions.

Why, you ask? Because there’s no better way to shame someone than to dominate someone on keyboard and mouse, then when they get upset, whip out the controller and 360 to dominate them with the other option! Yes. I’m a bit of a showoff at times…

Epic Considering PC, Xbox 360 Interplay for UT3 [via TeamXbox]

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