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Published on February 5th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Def Jam: Icon Track Listing Released

Been itching to know what tracks are included in Def Jam: Icon? Well, scratch no longer…

Here’s your chance to finally kick ass to a soundtrack! Also, since the tempo affects your attacks, there’s a reason to.

Big Boi (i.e., Purple Ribbon All-Stars feat. Big Boi)

Tell Me When To Go

Go Hard or Go Home

Fat Joe
Make It Rain

The Champ (Remix)

Jim Jones
Crunk Muzik

Jim Jones
We Fly High

Konkrete feat. Big Boi
What’s that Smell

Lil Jon
Get Crunk

Lil Jon (and the Eastside Boys)
Get Low

Get Back

Ante Up

Method Man & Redman
Da Rockwilder

Mike Jones
Back Then

Mike Jones
Got it Sewed Up – Remix

Hate Me Now

Paul Wall
Sittin’ Sidewayz

Paul Wall

Rush Da Security

Let’s Go

Sean Paul
Head in the Zone

Sean Paul
All Out

What You Know

Top Back

The Game
One Blood

The Game
Scream on ‘Em

Young Jeezy
I Do This

Young Jeezy
Soul Survivor

Young Joc
It’s Going Down

My early favorites? Get Back, Da Rockwilder, Hate Me Now, What You Know, and It’s Going Down. If you’re going to take names to music, those are pretty good choices to get started!

And let’s not get me started on Make It Rain… There are way too many easy jokes to be made.

Def Jam: Icon Music To Affect Game Play [via Kotaku]

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