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Published on February 2nd, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Paradox – Trackball control for PS2

If you’ve been annoyed by the lack of accuracy you get with the dual control sticks for your PS2, you’ll be happy to know that bodieLobus has announced that the Paradox – their trackball-based controller for the PS2 – can be preordered right now.

It gets better – there’s a contest during the pre-order period that allows for you to enter a contest to help design the official logo of the limited edition run of 30,000 controllers. While the contest is in effect, the price is quite low. Even right now, the price is only $21.99, so it won’t hurt your pocketbook too much.

Those interested in a preorder can check out Check out the official Press Release below:


Detroit, MI :: February 1, 2007 :: bodieLobus, LLC announces the launch of a new website service, ++ The new service is designed to reward enthusiasts of bodieLobus’ innovative product concepts with advance product availability, discount pricing, and other bonuses. launches with an exclusive pre-order promotion for bodieLobus’ enhanced PlayStation 2 controller, Paradox. Paradox is the first controller ever to feature the formidable REFLEX Control™ performance enhancement.

The exclusive pre-order promotion is offering the advance sale of a limited number of Paradox controllers. Through this promotion, only 30,000 Paradox controllers will be available, every one, part of a limited edition set. Further, limited edition details will be determined by the buyers. This program begins Thursday, February 1st and ends once the 30,000th controller is purchased. Full details and conditions of the promotion are available at

With REFLEX Controlâ„¢, Paradox adds incredible advantages to the now value-priced PlayStation 2, providing superior, natural control like that of a mouse, combined with the ergonomic comfort and consistency of a gamepad. This capability is natively supported in many PS2 titles already, and bodieLobus is discussing support in new titles with game developers. bodieLobus will provide development information at, including: program progress, game support updates, and news of further enhancements to the Paradox specification.

Many first party manufacturers have been standoffish on embracing the advanced capabilities of the controller, fearing the possible dominance of a new standard. Fans of the controller are left to fend for themselves, and bodieLobus’ new service aims to provide them with the opportunity to actively participate in the promotion and launch of this pivotal technology.

BACKGROUND – Paradox is a wholly developed video game controller product by bodieLobus, featuring bodieLobus’ patent pending REFLEX Control™. By integrating a thumb operated trackball into a standard console controller, REFLEX Control™ provides the same intuitive control interaction of a PC in a format that is familiar to generations of console video game players. REFLEX Control™ has been gaining developer awareness and interest since Oct. 2003. bodieLobus’ public fan base has grown exponentially since the launch of its Unit B in Feb. 2005.

ABOUT – Based in the Detroit area, bodieLobus seeks to continually design and develop hardware control concepts, employing a hybrid theory to yield advancements that are both simple and indispensable. bodieLobus is driven to produce solutions that will benefit both users and developers, and continually pushes the envelope for product evolution.

Copyright © 2007 bodieLobus, LLC

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