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Published on January 29th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Xbox 360 to get Rewards along with Achievements?


I know there’s a ton of us that love the Achievement system integrated with Xbox 360 & Xbox Live, but it’s looking like they might just be getting an upgrade soon…

Some people might get in a bit of hot water for this (myself included), but when you have news this hot, you gotta let it loose: Achievements are due for an awesome upgrade.

Would you care for a program that rewarded gamers for completing specific challenges and Achievements? What would you do if obtaining a certain Achievement led to much more than just self-satisfaction? What if completing Halo 3 on Legendary without losing a life would net you a reward…an actual prize? Wouldn’t that be cool?

Well Xbox is teaming up with sponsors to launch a new program next month that will do just this! For the first time with the Xbox 360, gamers will be rewarded for their Achievements and participation in this program. It will be a FREE program for all interested in registering. There are no fees. Your participation, in fact, is simply doing what you’ve been doing all along…playing games, having fun and unlocking those Achievements. From the casual player to the hardcore, this program will satisfy everyone’s gaming style.

So, we’ll start getting rewarded for doing what we do anyways?! Getting prizes for gaming that would happen anyways just seems like an incentive you can’t look past.

I wonder what games can net you prizes, and what kinds of prizes you can get for some of the more difficult achievements (like killing 10,000 opponents in ranked play in Gears of War). This program is going to be BANANAS, and if you think otherwise, you’re sorely mistaken.

Rewards for Achievements? [via Unscripted 360]

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