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Published on January 23rd, 2007 | by Daniel David

PS3 price cut, wait until 2008

If your waiting to get a price cut this year your out of luck. Sony’s Jack Tretton has been quoted to saying that a PS3 price cut will not happen until June 2008 at the least.

This is from an interview with Game Informer magazine when they asked if a price cut for the PS3 would be “soon or as drastic as they were for the PS2.” Tretton replied, “No.”

Tretton stated the reason behind this simply that the research investment, development and hardware makes the PS3 more difficult to reduce the cost.

June 2008 is a long time but a company got to make some kind of a profit, Sony’s losing money as it is already. I know it sucks for people waiting for a price drop but you can either suck it up and take a hit the pockets now or just wait it out. The Power is Yours! (gotta love Captain Planet)


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