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Published on January 23rd, 2007 | by Daniel David

Killzone 2 might arrive late 2007

Remember that E3 when Sony first showed this awesome trailer of a game. Killzone 2 look simply gorgeous but not one person has seen a thing since. In a recent interview with SCEA’s Peter Dille, Killzone 2 is mentioned briefly as one of Sony’s upcoming titles to release in the second half of 2007.

Here’s what Peter Dille had to say,

“I think we have a good first half of the year. Games like Lair that people are really excited about. MLB is coming out and is looking great and is the best-selling sports game from a first-party studio. Motorstorm. Heavenly Sword. And don’t forget you have games like Killzone in the back half of the year. We’re not really saying that there is one game that consumers have to wait for. I think that the content is there now and the content is coming. It’s going to be a steady stream of really great Playstation 3 content.”

Also just last November Phil Harrison spoked about Killzone 2 on their behalf.

“With Killzone, the expectation internally and externally is very high – and I won’t show it until it’s going to exceed people’s expectations. The team are working very hard, they know exactly what they have to do and there’s no doubt they will achieve it, but there’s nothing to be served by something that doesn’t satisfy my goals for the project. I can tell you, though, that some elements already exceed the trailer.”

Now if this is true, this game is going to be out of this world. Its going to be like Sony’s Gears of War because I guarantee that this is going to sell just as fast if they deliver what they promise. I waiting for this one to hit. 2007 is looking better for gaming everyday.


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