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Published on January 22nd, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Hideo Kojima talks Multi-Platform Development

Hideo Kojima was recently interviewed on a range of topics, but the biggest questions were about the MGS series – as expected…

GP: Is MGS4 still planned as an exclusive PS3 game? Do you have any interest in Xbox 360 development?

Kojima: Well, yes, I do have strong interest in creating something for the Xbox 360. In the US and Europe, it is selling, and I think it will sell a lot this year as well. I’m a fan of Gears of War as well, it’s very interesting.

Frankly speaking, I want to create something on the PC. It’s a multi-platform [format]. I’ve been regularly studying work on the PC anyways, and I want to provide something as a world-wide platform because of the consequences with timing on the PlayStation platforms, MGS4 is actually for the PS3 only so far.

I like how he added the “so far” to whether or not any other version of MGS 4 was planned – it bodes well for multi-platform versions!

Now he has me intrigued, though, with this talk of creating a PC game. That move could prove highly profitable for the company, considering how many PCs there are as compared to consoles.

Any way it goes, i’m looking forward to Metal Gear Solid 4 – here’s hoping that: a) I’ll have a PS3 by the time it comes out, and b) The PS3 will have more than Metal Gear and Final Fantasy to whet my palette…

Exclusive Q&A: Hideo Kojima talks Metal Gear Solid 4 [via]

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