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Published on January 19th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Gears of War goes Platinum – Three times over

Gears of War – the sci-fi third person shooter created by Epic Games – has sold over three million copies worldwide.

The gritty shooter reached sales of 3 million worldwide within just ten weeks after release. It was the top selling game in the U.S. in both November and December, and came in third place for all of 2006 in the U.S. despite being on the market for less than two months.

Not only has Gears been breaking all kinds of sales records on the way, it’s also hit a couple milestones for Microsoft:

  • Fastest selling title of 2006.
  • Fastest selling original exclusive Xbox game of all time.
  • Second Microsoft Games Studio release to receive a Platinum award from Famitsu in two months.
  • Most successful new IP of the next generation.

That’s a sign that a sequel is almost guaranteed at this point. It’s also a testament to the game itself, so if you haven’t played Gears of War yet – now’s a good a time as any to start!

‘Gears’ Goes Triple Platinum [via GameDaily BIZ]

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