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Published on January 17th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Want to Make Xbox Better? Here's How You Do it…

Anyone who’s played a game over Xbox Live knows that it’s the best platform to play console games online. Recently, Major Nelson has asked the community for suggestions as to how to make the Xbox 360, Xbox Live, and even better. Wanna know more about the possible revolution, have a read…

As an avid gamer (who happens to have braved a night in the cold to get a 360 on launch day), I hold my pastime near and dear to my heart. So when Major Nelson announced in The future of Xbox 360,, and Xbox Live that they were taking suggestions about what to do with the Xbox trio, I had to jump at the opportunity.

Xbox Live

Make MS Points = One Cent

I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s a major hassle to calculate how much actual money I’m spending. The easiest way I’ve found to gauge how much any DLC (Downloadable Content) will set me back is to multiply the amount of points by 1.25, but it would be MUCH easier to not have to do that at all.

Making MS points equal a cent would both ease the minds of gamers spending money and allow them to know what they’re spending in dollars at the same time. Keep the current price increments if you like, but keeping the points equal to cents will make life a lot easier for the multitudes of gamers purchasing DLC off of the Marketplace.

Allow More Free Content

While it’s understandable that Microtransactions are what drive the Marketplace, does everything have to cost MS Points? Downloadable additions to games are one thing, but to charge a 80 Points for a gamer pic or 150 for a theme? That’s a bit ridiculous.

While there are lots of people who have no problems paying for themes and gamer pics, free is always going to guarantee a mass of downloads.Give us a gamer pic or two for every game that doesn’t cost anything, so we know whether or not we want to spend those extra points on the rest.

Allow Cheaper XBLA Titles

Not every game on XBLA should cost or is worth the cost of 800 Points ($10), so vary the pricing a little bit. UNO and Geometry Wars are two of the best games on Xbox Live Arcade to date, and neither costs more than 400 Points ($5). If it takes classic card/board games to lower the cost of the newer games by half, bring on the Connect Four!

More Continuity with Background Downloads

Okay, so this one’s more of a pet peeve than a suggestion, but now that background downloading is an option, it should be an option across the board. Maybe I might be the only person to experience this issue, but when you access the DLC for Gears of War from the main menu and download something, there’s not option for it to download in the background. It’s back to waiting for the download to complete while watching the download bar. This can be easily solved by downloading these from the 360’s dashboard, but it’s a small hassle to download from the Dash instead.

Release User-Created Content

I may be the only person to want this, but there are a lot of talented gamers, and I’d like to see their work showcased. I make wallpapers for games from time to time, and it would be awesome to post them for download over Xbox Live as free downloads (so copyright owners don’t think anyone’s trying to make money for their work).

I’m sure that there are tons of other, and more artistically inclined gamers, that would like to show off their work as themes and gamer pics – free of charge. All I’m suggesting is to give them that option.

Oh, there’s more to come, so click on to page two for suggestions for the Xbox 360 itself!

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