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Published on January 17th, 2007 | by Daniel David

Teens arrested for murder using FFVII names

The world is something else these days. Two 15 year old teenagers in Germany were arrested for murder using the names of Sephiroth and Reno. They stabbed a couple to death in their home and were later arrested after holding a female friend hostage and turning themselves in after about an hour.

The media caught word that the two teens both had a copy of Final Fantasy VII installed on their computer which the names they used were from. In Germany, Final Fantasy VII is now being referred to as a ‘Killerspiele’; which translates as ‘killer game’.

Wow, this is just crazy. I personally love FFVII and to see it listed as a killer game is absurd and funny at the same time. There’s nothing funny about death of the couple but we all know that FFVII isn’t really a game to drive people to murder. You can’t go outside and summon Bahamut to destroy your enemies or decide you have a level 4 limit break and unleash Omnislash.

Parents need to watch what their children are doing these days. Games are for entertainment and nothing else.


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