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Published on January 16th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Who You Gonna Call?! GhostBusters Confirmed for Xbox 360

If you’ve seen the concept videos over the weekend, you know how awesome it looks, but a Ghostbusters video game has been confirmed to be in development for the Xbox 360.

“We are very glad to see the overwhelming response to the Ghostbusters prototype movies. What youve seen is indeed in-game footage of early prototypes on the Xbox 360, running on ZootFlys proprietary engine. Due to licensing issues, further development of the Ghostbusters game hit a bump on the road, but everybody here at ZootFly is working actively on resolving the challenges with the owners of the Ghostbusters IP.”

Haven’t seen the videos? You’re in luck – look below for them in all their YouTube glory.




The developer, ZootFly is known for titles such as Panzer Elite Action: Fields of Glory, and it’s expansion Shifting Dunes, but is now heavily in development of both Ghostbusters and an original IP TimeO.

Ghostbusters Video Game Confirmed for Xbox 360 [via TeamXbox]

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