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Published on January 8th, 2007 | by Daniel David

Sony ships 1 million PS3's as promised

With Sony receiving Emmy Awards the good news keeps coming. Despite major problems with production, Sony Corp. said that it has meet its goal of shipping 1 million PS3’s in North America. Even though its really only half of what they actually intended its good news for people trying to buy it even though its still pretty hard to find.

Considering how low numbers were when they launched, this is good news that they was still able to pump out 1 million with all the problems they had in its production. Sony needs to keep the ball rolling because all the pressure is on them to deliver a quality entertainment machine since they’ve been on top of the gaming world.

More good news is that Sony spokesman Dave Karraker said the company has been airlifting additional PS3s each week and will continue to do so through spring, if necessary. Sony’s seems determined to please us and get their console out to all the people that want one. I can only imagine what sales we be like when they release thier first price cut to the system. Its a long way off but sales for Sony should be higher then ever.

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