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Published on January 8th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Gears of War January 8 Update in detail

Been waiting for the Gears of War update? Well, it’s almost here, and they’ve spared nothing in this MASSIVE update to the Gears.

Here is a list of what was addressed in this update:

• Fixed aspect ratio distortion when using VGA cable with 4:3 displays at resolutions higher than 640×480
• Fixed voice issue with new players joining Player Match games in progress
• Players can now get the Achievement for “Dish Best Served Cold” when using Troika turret to kill RAAM
• Fixed rare situation where host could loop countdown and never start match
• Fixed rare situation where players could get stuck after chainsawing in multiplayer
• Reduced Grenade Tag melee distance
• Enabled “Strict” NAT check on host to prevent possible connection issues
• Optimized server browser queries to return results more quickly and prevent scroll bars from hiding quality of service icons
• Reduced number of possible revives in Execution to match Warzone
• Removed host name from Ranked match server browser
• Disabled security cameras in Ranked matches
• Ranked matches now require balanced teams 3v3 or 4v4
• Increased penalty for quitting a Ranked match to -50 points
• Added additional cheat detection code
• Additional housekeeping updates

That looks like just about everything that gamers have been annoyed with regarding Gears of War, but it also adds a bit of annoyance for some. Removing the GamerTag from Ranked Matches means that playing with friends in ranked matches is going to be left more to chance – unless you’re down to leave/rejoin matches fitting the criteria until you find the right room.

On the same note, though, Gears of War doesn’t have a ranked team system in place that you can play with friends. The current system was made to play with random teams, so removing the GamerTag makes it more of what it was meant to be – random. There are just as many people annoyed with joining ranked games with a group of strangers, only to find themselves slaughtered by a clan who plays the game nonstop.

Any way it goes, Epic seems aimed at pleasing their customers, because there’s not only an update to the game structure with this update.

They’re also releasing new maps soon. More info on the maps shortly…

Gears of War Update starting 9-Jan-2007 [via Epic Games Forums]

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