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Published on January 4th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Marketplace Feedback – To the source

Regular readers of GAMINGtruth will remember the Fifa Marketplace Feedback Contest, where you got to add input toward the evolution of pricing and content on Xbox Live Marketplace and win a copy of Fifa 07 for the PS2. While understandable, more people spent more time commenting on the fact that the prize game wasn’t for the Xbox 360 than they did adding in feedback. This is the second chance.

I personally hold this feedback in very high regard, simply because it’s been requested. Not by a gamer, and definitely not by me. Someone in a position to change the perception of Marketplace prices is interested in what we, the gamers, are interested in downloading. Here’s a way to effectively change the negativity placed on Marketplace prices by adding your input to someone that wants to know.

And it all starts with Fifa 07. There are no rules this time. There isn’t anymore to do than leave a comment with the answer to this question:

“What Fifa 07 content would you like to see from Xbox Live Marketplace, and how many points would you pay for it?”

If you want GamerPics and Themes to be free? Say so. If you would like new teams/players/stadiums? Comment on how much you think it should be. This is the chance to vote on Marketplace content without voting with your wallet. Consider it a chance to speak without a middle-man, as this article will be watched directly.

If you are serious about Xbox Live Marketplace and would like to help change it for the better, you’ll leave a comment on what you think. The more people that leave comments, the better.

Let’s change the Marketplace for the better.

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