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Published on December 31st, 2006 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Bungie allows Soldiers to play Halo 3 Beta

If you don’t support the troops, you’re just not very patriotic. Bungie decided to show off theirs by letting some of our Soldiers get an early preview of the Halo 3 Beta.

Thanks to UHYVE at Ascendant Justice for scouting this one down. Inside you see images and a link to two separate videos of Halo 3 gameplay. Granted, this footage is quite poor, but it’s the closest you’ll get to actually seeing the game in action for now. This version is the alpha currently being tested by 10,000 Microsoft employees and includes High Ground, Valhalla, and Snowbound. Here, a few of America’s finest got to preview the game while they trade real bullets in Iraq.

That’s just awesome of Bungie to do this. Bungie was already pretty high on my list of devs, but this bumps them up quite a bit higher. Having served, it’s good to know that support for the troops extends to game developers. Check out the very short clips below.

Halo 3 Clip 1

Halo 3 Clip 2

Soldiers Get To Play Alpha [via H3DA]

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