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Published on December 20th, 2006 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Expect to See an AV-focused PS3, says Ken Kutaragi

Some people just can’t quit while they’re ahead. Ken Kutaragi recently announced that Sony plans to unleash a more audio/video capable version of the console.

This just in from our Tokyo bureau: according to an interview conducted by Japans Impress, Sonys Ken Kutaragi has gone on record with a “promise” for what hes calling an AV-centric PS3. In other words, audio and video capabilities first, gaming second if at all, in a device built around the Cell-processor platform.

The new Sony-branded living room box would, in Kens translated words, “be a standard AV component sized box with a more powerful, power supply unit, anti-shake insulator, twice the main memory, and 2x HDMI to split sound and video output.”

Wouldn’t announcing a better version of a product that was released less than a month ago be a bad idea?

I’m all for the console’s potential, but to underhandedly crush the PS3’s market potential by suggesting that you’re making something more powerful — when you’re already touting the PS3 as a supercomputer, mind you, isn’t the best way to garner consumer trust.

I just don’t understand the reasoning behind announcing such a device, especially when the PS3 has yet to really walk on it’s own two feet. What are you thinking, Ken?!

Ken Kutaragi sez: I “promise” an AV-centric PS3 [via Engadget]

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