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Published on December 20th, 2006 | by Daniel David

A look back at 2006

I usually tend to never listen to analysts about much, especially about gaming because they never seem to get anything right. I ran across this article from a group of analysts and they made some solid points about gaming in 2006 and percentages about sales and what not.

I personally think 2006 was a good year for gaming. The Xbox 360 is doing well but not to well in Japan where it really needs support. Luckily Gears of War came out because I never wanted a 360 until now because that game is just to much fun and next year should be good too with Lost Planet, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Mass Effect coming out which is 360 only.

The Wii came out about as strong as I thought and the motion sensing technology was better then I exepected. My only concern with the Wii is that how long can they survive on that fact alone. Being involved while gaming is fine but sometimes I just want to kick back with a controller and button smash to my hearts content. The Wii whole sells pitch is really that controller and for me personally its fun but not something I could play constantly like I do with other games. I want to be lazy sometimes. But I am looking forward to Super Smash Bros: Brawl, Metriod Prime 3: Corruption , and Super Mario Galaxy.
The PS3 come in about what I expected too. Its launch was quite terrible in the fact that people are getting shot over the thing but the games they came out with pretty much were already here. Granted they did add new additions to most games but other then Resistance: Fall of Man which is fantastic is the only game I would buy for it right now. The PS3 is an investment, you pay alot now but in the future when their heavy hitters come out you’ll be glad you have one. Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy Versus XII, Heavenly Sword, and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots are titles i’m looking forward too and at least for now are PS3 only.

I say for 2007, your going to need all three systems because too many good games are coming out for specific consoles and if you don’t have all three your going to miss out. Just to point out, the games I listed for each consoles are what i’m looking forward too, you all may have games that you plan on getting for whatever system but the bottom line is 2007 for gamers should be a year that must of us go broke playing games all day. The link at the bottom is what the analysts had to say about 2006 so read up and post some comments about what you think, we’ll love to hear it.

Oh and if you like that picture, thats from the game Okami and its part of a wallpaper I made a while ago. I plan to have D’Juan post it in the wallpaper section for everyone to enjoy.

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