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Published on December 19th, 2006 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

If You Thought You Loved Halo, Think Again!

Halo 3

WOW. Just wow. forum member “GothicSlayer” has done the ultimate in fanboydom – he’s gotten the Legendary logo tattooed over his ENTIRE BACK.

I am new to these forums but though I would share with you guys my new Halo tattoo. Keep in mind this is just the outline and a lot of stuff and details are missing because they will either be shaded in or colored at a later time. Also try to ignore my horrible skin since I am told will be covered up anyways. I will continue to post updates as soon as I get enough time/money to get more of it done.

Did I forget to say WOW? I’m absolutely loopy over Halo and games in general, but getting a tattoo of something from a video game? It’s never been something i’m all that into – and for good reason.

For GothicSlayer’s sake – okay, mine as well – I hope the series never gets old and stale. If so, he might have quite the problem on his hands… er.. back.
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