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Published on December 13th, 2006 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Xbox 360 Wireless Headset Update

Xbox 360 Wireless Headset Communicator

If you’re having problems with your Wireless Xbox 360 headset, know that Microsoft is listening to your problems…

This info was taken from GamerScore Blog.

We have received feedback from some customers that they have experienced issues while using the Xbox 360 Wireless Headset, including difficulty syncing the headset to the controller, reception interference and audio sensitivity when playing action-packed games like Gears of War. We are committed to providing the highest quality accessories for Xbox 360 and would like to assist in troubleshooting and resolving those issues, whether by replacing or repairing the units under warranty. We encourage anyone experiencing issues with the Wireless Headset to call 1-800-4-MY-XBOX.

So, basically, if you’re having a problem with your headset, call 1-800-4-MY-XBOX and get it replaced or fixed. Can’t beat quick & easy support like that!

Xbox 360 Wireless Headset Update [via Gamerscore Blog]

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