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Published on December 13th, 2006 | by Daniel David

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Still quite a mystery since being unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show, finally some news on the story and battle system of this game. As for as the story goes this takes place after the events in Final Fantasy XII following the adventures of Vaan and Penelo after Vaan finally owns his first airship to become a sky pirate. Just to let you know unless you didn’t see it under the post this is Nintendo DS game so we can expect the stylus to be used in some way.

According to www.ign.com the game is said to be completely 2D and you encounter enemies on the map as you walk by. So to put it simply its going to have an identical system to its PS2 counterpart or at least for the moment it will. IGN also said that it seen something to looked familiar to the Gambit system introduced in the PS2 game. The Gambit system is a way to customize your characters actions such as how to attack, when to heal, what item to use, etc.

There is supposed to be a trailer for this coming out this weekend so check back for more news on this game later.

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