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Published on December 12th, 2006 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Own a PSP? Start watching for deals on UMDs…

XXX (UMD mini for PSP)

If you’re in posession of a PSP and would like to get cheap UMDs titles, you might want to start looking…

Well, I jest in the title, of course – but if you’re a collector of PSP-related memorabilia, it’s probably time to start checking out eBay, because as studios slow down and basically stop releasing UMD discs – the handy UMD release list at The Digital Bits shows only a handful of new Sony-published movies coming out – so, as stores and retailers clear their decks over the next few months, there’s likely to be both bargains and rarities galore.

So, there you have it. Movie studios are slowly minimizing PSP support, which doesn’t bode well for the UMD format. What this does bode well for, on the other hand, is cheap UMD movies!

GameSetWatch – UMD Movies: The New 8-Track, Start Collecting Now!

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