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Published on December 7th, 2006 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Wii Card Price Gouging Rampant?

Talk about conning people all you want, but Toys ‘R Us has a lot of non-gaming executives over there. Checking out their site under Nintendo Wii Points Card, you might notice that a 2000 Wii Point card runs you a cool $25.

This wouldn’t be all that hard to swallow normally, except for the fact that 1 Wii Point = 1 Cent. That means that Toys ‘R Us is jacking up the price of Wii Points by 25% – and they’re not alone.

Sears has it priced at $23.99 and Best Buy prices the cards at $22.99.

Not everyone else is this unfair, though. You can find it on sale at EB Games,, and Circuit City for it’s actual price: $20, so I see no need to buy them at anything more expensive than it’s actual cost.

Or, you can always go the easy way and buy them directly from Nintendo for $20 via the Wii Shopping Channel…

Toys R Us Overprices Wii Cards [via Kotaku]

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