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Published on December 7th, 2006 | by Daniel David

Police protect and serve themselves a PS3

Witnesses say that two mall security guards let seven people to the front of the line to buy the PS3 when it was being sold at the Sony store in Providence Place Mall. Two of the people are said to be Providence police officer and a Warwick police officer. Talking about having a hookup. The investigation is started now and if found guilty which I doubt they will be disciplined but they’ll still have a PS3. All they had do was shoot somebody and sparkle crack over them if they wanted it that bad.

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10 Responses to Police protect and serve themselves a PS3

  1. D'Juan Irvin says:


    “I don’t want to leave any mysteries!”

  2. D'Juan Irvin says:


    “I don’t want to leave any mysteries!”

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